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  • Children
  • Cookbooks

    This collection of cookbooks includes recipes contributed by chefs and restaurants around Belize, using fresh ingredients in creative ways giving us a unique blend of Belize’s cuisines and flavours.

    It also has a number of traditional Belizean dishes. A rum recipe cookbook includes both dishes and cocktails and a vegetarian cookbook offers us an array of healthy and imaginative recipes to suit every taste.

  • Education

    These books are often used as textbooks in Belize and are useful educational tools for students of all ages and locations.
    On the following pages you’ll discover the Alchemy Series, a two-volume anthology of Belizean literature; the Living Together Series of social studies textbooks; the Explorer Series on the History, Geography and Environment of Belize; and the three Atlases of Belize.

    • Explorer Series

      The Explorer Series is a collection of four books that draw from a wide range of the latest research materials available. The books are the definitive text for learning about Belize’s history, geography and natural environment.

      • Atlases

        Cubola’s comprehensive range of atlases includes “My First Atlas of Belize”, an “Atlas of Belize” and an “Atlas of Belize and the World”. The atlases are valuable reference tools for students and adults. The information in the atlases is carefully researched and periodically updated.

    • Literary Anthologies

      The Alchemy of Words: An Anthology of Belizean Literature is a two-volume anthology for High School students. This series is unique because all the material is by Belizean writers. The books focus on developing students’ appreciation for the craft of writing and it provides a novel approach to teaching literature since the content and exercises relate to students’ language and life experiences. The books also provide many opportunities for links with materials covered in the core subject syllabi of the new Caribbean Certificate of Secondary Level Competence (CCSLC).

    • Living Together

      Living Together: A Belizean Social Studies Series for Primary Schools is a curriculum-based course that provides teachers and students with textbooks, workbooks and teacher’s guides. The Series was written by experienced Social Studies experts and focuses on the importance of the students developing self-esteem, empathy and respect for themselves and others. The books are illustrated in full colour by Belizean artists. Teachers Guides are distributed to teachers free of cost.
      On the pages below you’ll find textbooks and work-books for Infant 1 and 2, Standard 1 and Workbooks for the Upper Division.

  • Fiction

    Cubola’s extensive collection of fiction includes several anthologies of short stories, poems, plays, folktales and legends. You can search by topic at left to find these genres as well as books by Belizean women writers and books in Spanish.

    • Belizean Writers Series

      The six anthologies in the Belizean Writers Series present an overview of the literary and cultural heritage of Belize through short stories, poetry, drama, folktales and works by women writers.

    • Short Stories

      Short stories by Belizean writers

  • Maps

    Cubola’s up-to-date Belizean map collection includes the only maps in the country that are periodically updated. The wall map and poster map come in sturdy cardboard tubes and are ready to hang. All map are laminated with anti-reflective surfaces. Travel maps show tourist facilities, maps of major towns and an Index. The Belize City map comes complete with a street locator index and a detailed downtown map.

  • Non-fiction

    Cubola’s non-fiction books include the Belize Collection and Guide Books. If you are looking for our Textbooks and Atlases they are listed under Education.

    • Belize Collection

      The Belize Collection presents issues of Caribbean-wide interest from a Belize perspective. The collection includes new editions of important books now out of print, as well as current essays and academic papers on sociology, history, education, economy and other areas of academic research. The books in this collection will contribute to the understanding of Belize’s past and its unique perspective as a new nation with links to both Central American and Caribbean regions.

    • Guide Books

      Focus on different aspects of Belize’s natural and cultural heritage. The concise full colour guides are written by experts and are useful not only to those visiting Belize but also to Belizeans wishing to know more about their own country.

  • Photography
  • Postcards

    Cubola postcards have been a reflection of Belizean beauty for over thirty years, with images of Belize’s people, culture, Maya heritage, natural beauty, flowers, animals, marine life on the Barrier Reef and underwater in the Caribbean Sea.

    Some may think sending postcards has been superseded by e-mails and digital photography, Cubola’s beautiful postcard collection takes you to exotic places in Belize where you might not have gone. The magnificent shots by Belize’s most renowned photographers will be a conversation piece for after-trip reunions and a keepsake for years to come.


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