Belize Literary Prize Series

The Belize Book Industry Association (BBIA) established its first annual Belize Literary Prize in December 2013. The prize intends to provide national and international recognition and visibility for our authors and to our developing literary scene. It is open to any Belizean 18 years or older, residing in the country or abroad. The Belize Literary Prize provides recognized and unknown writers with the opportunity for growth by having their work evaluated by an expert panel of jurors, as well as opening the publication doors to the winners. Cubola and the Belize Book Industry Association are pleased to collaborate in the promotion of Belizean writers and in recognizing and honouring the essential role they play in the development of our country and our cultural identity.

Belize Literary Prize: Short Story Winners 2014

Belize Literary Prize: SHORT STORY & DRAMA WINNERS 2015



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